Early life                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Born in London, England 1957. Her father a refugee from Riga, worked as a pattern cutter and tailor for British Couturier Hardy Amies. Her mother an aspiring artist, subjects included Quentin Crisp.

Leaving school officially at 15 'She had been the Chelsea Antique Market's own baby avant-stylist, a 14 year old long-limbed Bambi-meets-Terry-de-Havilland. I remembered her appearing one time in seamed stockings and hot pants, made from Mickey Mouse print nursery curtains, cut half way up her bum. She'd teamed them with a shaggy wool jacket (for an ostrich look), masses of plastic bangles a' la Nancy Cunard, necklaces hung with dice and fruit, and Manolo pastel platforms with 15 centimeter heels. That day she'd gone for stick-up hair in baby pink, red eyeliner and eyebrows, and white, white skin, orange rouge and magenta lipstick.' [1]

'Make up artist Yvonne Gold was a teenage habituée of the World’s End fashion stores.’ [2] Visiting Vern Lambert and Jenny Kee at his vintage clothing emporium in Chelsea Antique Market. Manolo Blahnik at Zapata, Gene Krell (Fashion Director Japanese Vogue) at Granny Takes a Trip, Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwood at Let It Rock. ‘Recruited by McLaren to help out on the Let It Rock stall at Wembley’s’ [3] Rock and Roll Show at just 15 'We saw Malcolm and Yvonne selling T-shirts to the Teds.' [4]

Her first Saturday job was opposite Queen's Freddie Mercury and Roger Taylors stall in Kensington Market, selling Fortuny and Poiret dresses. Later opening her own vintage jewelry shop, she went on to design for ADAM & GOLD jewelry, showcased by British Vogue, stocked by Manolo Blahnik, Browns and Liberty, Ossie Clark featured it in his final fashion show.

In 1976 Manolo Blahnik asked her to model for his first advertisement ‘Gold Again at Zapata’ shot by Eric Boman for the inaugural edition of David Bailey's Ritz Newspaper. “Because she is one of those people who most definitely have something of their own. I can think of a handful of creative people whom I may meet any time on 'any' occasion who will always be dressed just so... or so: Make-Up Artist -Yvonne Gold, stylist Ray Petri, Tina Chow, designer- Rifat Ozbek. These people all have what I term 'suss'.” [5]

Career Cult Make-Up Artist                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Acknowledged as 'The Matisse of the make-up world.' [6] She is the only Make-Up Artist ever to be put under an exclusive editorial contact by Vogue, and have a Television Documentary made about her - 'A Day in my Life.'

'Yvonne Gold's first job was with photographer Helmut Newton. She also worked for Penthouse magazine painting 'tits and bums' while lecturing at The Royal Collage of Art and The London Collage of Printing, when she was only 16.'[7] At 21, Paris Vogue sent her to Japan to consultant for Shiseido Cosmetics. "Yvonne went on to become a contributing editor to David Bailey's Ritz newspaper, to do Make-Up for Zandra Rhodes, Karl Lagerfeld, and Anna Piaggi."[8] Who she continued to work with (also playing a cameo role) in Chloé Perfume’s launch Film and Paris Vogue [9] feature with Karl Lagerfeld. Vogue Italia and Vanity Magazine with Anna Piaggi and Antonio Lopez. Piaggi said "Far from being the by now passé "punk", it is possible to wear with elegance "hospital" uniforms and knock out boxer eyes, very "black' eyes and white skin, as suggested by the very young English Make-Up Artist Yvonne Gold." [10] Michael Robert's appointed her Beauty Editor of his magazine Boulevard.

"Yvonne was at the birth of Westwood's 'Buffalo working on Vivienne's seminal first eight shows." [11] From Pirates 1981, Savage 1982, Buffalo Girls (Nostalgia of Mud) 1982-83, Punkature 1983 [12], Witches 1983-84, Hypnos 1984, Clint Eastwood 1984-85, to The Mini-Crini 1985, John Galliano Summer 1988, ‘decidedly elegant styling, hair and make-up. ...awarded his first Designer of the Year title.’ [13] Katharine Hamnett, Rifat Ozbek, Anthony Price and Zandra Rhodes Collections. 'I got the chance to watch supermodels being transformed by the artists of maquillage supreme such as Pat McGrath, Leslie Chilks, and Yvonne Gold’ [14] Iain R. Webb said. 'When Yvonne Gold files to Milano to the fashion shows it's rather like going to work on a factory conveyor belt. But the end products are glamorous models whose faces have been transformed by Yvonne's skill.’

She prefers to take ideas from primitive culture add a bit of Western sophistication and combine them to make her own style. Yvonne tries to avoid making up the obvious features. "It's the spaces you leave that make the marks."...Yvonne believes that the "long eyelash, glossy lips look" is a refection of Western society and not necessarily beautiful. [15] Her pioneering work utilized gold leaf, fake tattoos, Band-Aids, the use of raw pigments, mixing fluorescent jells, and metallic makeup, all unavailable at the time.

Her inspirational work has been acknowledged by Pat McGrath, and Kay Montana, who when asked 'Who were your icons back in the 1980?' said "Jerry Hall and a Make-up Artist called Yvonne Gold... who worked with Vivienne Westwood and her partner Malcolm McLaren who at the time had a new-wave band Bow Wow Wow. A signature technique of hers was to use gold paint over the Cupid's bow, which make-up artist Pat McGrath uses a lot now." [16]

"We get to the stage now where the best video is Robert Palmer, which is purely Yvonne Gold make-up on model girls" [17] Anthony Price said, painting girls entirely blue for his 1976 advertising campaign. She also designed the Punk Make-Up for Adel Rootstein Mannequins. Shot Grace Jones with Helmut Newton, Bianca Jagger with Cecil Beaton, Neneh Cherry with Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Tina Chow and Tatum O'Neal with David Bailey. Worked with photographers Eve Arnold, Norman Parkinson and Tony Viramontes, directors Hugh Hudson, Adrian Lyons, and Ridley Scott. for British, Paris, Italia, German and Australia Vogue, British and American Harper's Bazaar, Tatler, W, The Face and i-D.   

Interviewed by British Vogue, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, The Face and The Sunday Times Magazine "On reflection I suppose I became a Make-Up Artist because I genuinely wanted to bring out the beauty in people. Make-Up isn't a mask, but a decoration - a celebration." [18] 'Yvonne's conception of beauty reasserts the classical standpoint that beauty cannot exist without truth and she has an innate talent for celebrating the differences, rather than the superficial similarities, of each face she decorates.' [19] She told The Face Magazine in 1988. Also Contributing Editor to i-D magazine, working with Ray Petri, Judy Blame, Barry Kamen and Mark Lebon. Camilla Lowther her agent, told LOVE Magazine “There weren’t so many doing hair and make-up. And usually the same person did both: Ray Allington, Yvonne Gold. And there were no assistants….You never saw a manicurist!”[20] She did everything.

In the early 70’s, her one of a kind handmade sweater-dresses were acknowledged by Jenny Kee as a great inspiration. Picking up her needles again the late 90’s while living in New Zealand her handmade alpaca scarves, shawls and socks were stocked by Egg Trading. In 2010 she revived Adam & Gold Jewelry, designing a capsule collection of  for Air & Gold, featured by British Vogue, GQ and Grazia, was stocked at Selfridges.

Art Director - Live Events                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Based in Australia from the mid 80’s to mid 90’s she Art Directed Fashion Shows, the initial concept for Australia Fashion Week and Live Events , David Jones Department Stores, Oscar de la Renta, Revlon and curated show insolation  for Jenny Kee and the Tibet Sydney Gallery. The Dalai Lama said 'Gone beyond fabulous.' Of the 5,000 seater venue she transformed into a temple. 

As an academic, she has constructed and written coures; been interviewed and lectured at The Royal Collage Of Art, Central Saint Martins, The London Collage of Fashion, Kingston University, Epsom University for the Arts, Istituto Marangoni, The University of Technology Sydney, The Academy of Art University U.S.A. and Istituto Europeo di Design Madrid.

Copy and Conceptual Consultant, Curation and Research
In 2005 she was invited to be the Copy and Creative Consultant on the Beauty in Vogue book, followed by Vogue Rocks! A book of fine jewels, on which she was also Copy Editor and the Vanity Fair book. She continued to consult and research for Conde Nast Publishing on various books and exhibitions for the next decade, including Vogue - Like a Painting exhibition at the Tyseen Museum  and the inaugural Fashion Film Festival Madrid. She created a visual diversity library for All Walks Beyond the Catwalk and researched for Nick Knight and Tim Walker amongst other. 

Creative Director and Copy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 She has Art & Creative Directed for Nick Knight, including Pan Magazine to which she is London's Contributing Editor. " One of the most exciting and beautiful magazines I have worked for. Idea by the wonderful Yvonne Gold."  As well as Creative Directing for Another, Pop and Beauty Papers,  she also acted as a Contributing Editor writing for Another, Beauty Papers and Pan Magazine. Her Instagram has been featured by Interview and Another Magazine who declared her 'Queen of the Tryptic'  while  Pop  editor Ashley Heath, in his fashion A-Z stated  "Y... is for Yvonne Gold… legend of British Fashion." [21]         



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